License-free big surgical data from Japanese hospitals

Surg storage Co., Ltd. provides endoscopic surgical data based on the big database in National Cancer Center in Japan. Our main service is as follows.
1) Streaming service of more than 3000 cases of endoscopic surgery video. 2) Downloading videos with abundant variations in surgical methods and facilities.
3) Annotation service that could cut out a new scene with customers' requirement for creating learning data


Business Information:

Name of the company:

Surg storage Co., Ltd.

Year of establishment:


Location of the headquarters:

Tokyo, JP

Other key location(s):

Chiba, JP

Spinout from:

National Cancer Center East Hospital

Year of establishment:


Surg storage is a spin out of the National Cancer Hospital in Japan and can now provide surgical videos and surgical-related data for commercial use such as the quality improvement of medical devices.

Company website:

Surg storage

Technology validation:


Technology readiness level (TRL)


CEO message:

Value if IP (patents)

We have been looking for partners/collaborators as follows. Please let us know if you have interest in our business domain.
・Medical device company / Research institute
 -Tackling the development of AI/Robot assisting surgery
 -Specializing for surgical business
・Company which try to make inroads surgical business
・VC or CVC which have interest in Japanese healthcare startup

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Current business stage:

Spinout / Seed fund stage

Next investment required:

$250 to $500k

Target exit style:

Trade sales

Clinical study level (if relevant):

Not sure

Yoshito Shibusawa

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