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PeptiGrowth Inc.

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Tokyo, Japan

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PeptiDream, Mitsubishi Corporation

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Growth factors are a class of proteins that are widely present in humans and other animals. In addition to playing an important role in cell growth and proliferation, it is crucially involved in induction of differentiation of stem cells (iPS cells, ES cells, etc.) into nerve, blood, and other types of cells. Currently, growth factors are mainly extracted from animal serum or produced by gene recombination technology, however, their production presents a number of challenges to the pharmaceutical industry, including safety risks due to contamination with impurities, variation in quality among production lots, and high production costs.

PeptiGrowth will utilize PeptiDream's proprietary drug discovery platform system, PDPS (Peptide Discovery Platform System), to identify alternative peptides that perform the equivalent function as growth factors, and develop a new chemical synthesis method that does not use animal serum or gene recombination technology. In addition, by establishing a commercial manufacturing process and system, PeptiGrowth will achieve high purity, less variation among production lots in terms of specification and quality, with lower costs. Dozens of growth factors have been identified to date, and in order to realize a completely xeno-free culture medium, multiple growth factors need to be replaced with chemically synthesized alternative compounds. This is a world-first in terms of the comprehensive development of chemically synthesized, peptide alternatives to multiple growth factors. PeptiGrowth believes such an initiative to realize the peptide alternatives to multiple growth factors is essential for further advancement of cell therapy and regenerative medicines in the industry.

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Commercial development, non-GMP grade

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Jiro Sugimoto

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    Global business development and marketing support.