iPSC derived corneal endothelial cellular therapy

Cellusion have developed three main technologies for solving global cornea shortage issue, which are novel cell transplantation method for Bullous Keratopathy treatment, mass production technology to produce corneal endothelial cell from iPS cells, spheroid transplantation method to enhance the treatment efficacy. With these cellular technology breakthroughs, we will contribute to provide the clear vision of the future for worldwide patients.


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Cellusion Inc.

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Tokyo, JP

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Cellusion owns IP and technologies to develop and obtain iPS-derived corneal endothelial cells suitable for corneal transplantation. They aim to derive enough therapeutic cells to treat thousands of patients from a single batch.

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Cellusion always welcomes to join our team as whoever solving global blindness issue together. Regardless of collaboration or investment etc., please feel free to contact us. Why don’t we discuss what we can do together?

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Series A stage
Series B stage

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$2m to $3m

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IPO in Japan
Trade sales

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Shin Hatou

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    To be updated
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